SPVU Patient Day 2018

Planning for the SPVU patient day started eight months before the event and the organising group comprised Karon Carson, Val Irvine, Rachel Thomson and Dr Colin Church. All SPVU staff were involved to some degree. A programme was developed with input from the SPVU patients. The alternative therapists were contacted and again provided lifestyle management sessions.

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel hosted the patient day.  Funding was obtained mainly from  PHAUK with some assistance from Actelion and MSD. Twenty hotel rooms were reserved for those patients living too far to travel comfortably on the day.  In total 55 patients and 23 family members booked into the event.

DolbyVivisol and Willie McGhee (National Services Scotland) were once again contacted regarding the supply of oxygen for use by oxygen dependent patients. Oxygen concentrators were transported to the hotel rooms the night before the patient day by the SPVU staff following delivery by DolbyVivisol.

Of the 41 patients/carers who returned the evaluation forms, 93% (n=38) felt the meeting rooms were satisfactory or above. 95% (n=39) were satisfied with the hotel catering. When asked how they would rate the day’s presentations, 100% said they were at least satisfactory with a majority of 63% (n=26) finding the talks excellent. While none of the patients found the day exhausting, 48% (n=16) found it tiring but manageable. Only one patient felt the presentations were not relevant. In general the patients enjoyed networking with fellow patients, meeting the SPVU team on a more informal basis and feeling they belongedto a community.


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