The principal areas of clinical research being undertaken within SPVU at present are
1. Predictors of prognosis using
· Cardiac MR especially using T1 mapping and exercise

3D echo especially looking at strain analysis

2. The utility of exercise training as treatment for PAH

3. Epidemiology

Since the SPVU receives referral for all patients in Scotland, the collective data provides a valuable perspective on the epidemiology of pulmonary hypertension within a single country and the Unit has an active programme to define and document this.

Number attending clinic with pulmonary hypertention
(end of year snapshot)


In addition the unit collaborates nationally and internationally with other PH units in collaborative studies. Examples of these projects currently in progress include:
· COHORT / BRIDGE – genetics of PAH.
· Toculizumab in PAH.
· International CTEPH registry.

· Dr Martin Johnson.
· Dr Colin Church.
· Dr Melanie Brewis.
Previous publications are listed here.