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The Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit (SPVU) was founded at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow with the appointment of Prof Andrew Peacock in 1990. The initial focus of the unit was research into the causes and management of pulmonary hypertension. Both clinical and research activities have grown over the years such that the staff of the unit now includes two consultants (Prof Peacock/Dr Martin Johnson), two clinical nurse specialists (Agnes Crozier/Alison Curran), several clinical research fellows, 1 clinical trials nurse, 1 post-doctoral research scientist, a number of research students and secretarial, pharmacy and IT personnel. Because of increasing need and awareness that patients with these disorders require highly specialised care, the service was formally funded by the National Services Division of the Scottish Executive in 1998 with the mandate to provide high quality care for all patients in Scotland with pulmonary vascular disorders.


The unit principally investigates and treats patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (from whatever cause) and chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. We will consider referrals for patients with hypoxic lung or cardiac disease where the degree of pulmonary hypertension is out of proportion to the comorbidity. Through the NHS or clinical trials we have access to most of the modern treatments for these conditions. Patients with chronic thromboembolic disease are discussed with the UK Thromboendarterectomy Service at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. If transplantation is required, we act as a conduit to the Heart & Lung Transplantation Unit in Newcastle.


Our clinical nurse specialists play a key role in ongoing support, education and advice and they, together with our clinical research fellows, usually act as the first avenue of approach for any clinical questions. We maintain an active research programme currently focused on basic mechanisms using pulmonary artery cell culture, cardiac MRI and cardiovascular physiology. We participate in a number of the current pharmaceutical company clinical trials to give our patients the widest choice of treatment options.

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